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Personalized care to support your child's development

I am a behavior analyst (BCBA) and owner at Applied Behavioral Concepts in Portland, Oregon working with children diagnosed with autism.

During my time in this field, I have seen the turnover that comes from working with a large company or national chain. It can be difficult to open your home and personal space to therapists if they are being replaced every few months.  (Not to mention that autistic learners often thrive on consistency and routine.)   Additionally, your child spends most of their time working with behavioral technicians who have minimal training and experience with limited scope to make necessary program changes and decisions.  When choosing Applied Behavioral Concepts as your ABA provider, I provide the consistency and experience that your child and family needs to thrive. My goal is to provide parents and caregivers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver and apply ABA principles independently promoting the learner’s continued success. I believe in developing highly personalized programs and objectives that meet the individual needs of each child and their families based on the learner’s interests and motivation to achieve socially significant outcomes.

Using applied behavioral analysis (ABA) techniques and principles backed by scientific research, I focus on understanding behaviors that impact the daily life of the child and their family as well as the environments that they interact with. This may include increasing and improving communication with verbal and non-verbal children, improving social and learning skills, teaching daily living skills, and reinforcing those behaviors that encourage independence and growth. As a BCBA, I can provide assessments, parent training, and ABA services directly in your home where your child and family are most comfortable. I have been practicing ABA for over 15 years. Prior to earning my master’s degree in special education, I was a certified Montessori teacher for 6 years. My passion for helping each child reach their potential led me to study applied behavior analysis.

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Amanda Melby, BCBA, LBA

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